provisioning tool for building opinionated architecture
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provisioning tool for building opinionated architecture following these principles:

  • free software: AGPLv3
  • multi-target: DEV, BETA (alias staging), PROD
  • container-based: LXD/LXC on Debian 12 (bookworm)
  • secured: NFT
  • monitored: MONIT


  • backup postgresql missing out on saturday
  • TOOLBOOX/nc (binary)
  • final ansible-like indicators: same/new
  • patched editor (backup+editor+diff+patch)
  • to improve log journal for each recipe (apache, for example) in order to shorten disk space


The project name miaou comes up from both a French and Reunion's Creole pun

  • miaou is a shortcut for mi aim aou, which means 'I love you'
  • miaou means 'meow' in french, related to the acronym C.H.A.T.O.N.S


to draw... (mermaid?)

  • DEV (sync from PROD via SAVE, sync from BETA, push new to BETA)
  • BETA (sync from PROD via SAVE, push new to PROD)
  • PROD (backup to SAVE, full backup, recipe data backup)
  • SAVE (dedicated server, home local)


  • grub
    • cgroup1
  • linux
  • rust
    • tera
  • go
  • perl
  • python
    • ovh
  • bash
    • miaou-bash

Debian12 fresh install

  • log as normal user with sudo group

  • sudo apt install -y git
  • git clone

    • ./miaou/lib/ dev
    • OR:

    • EMAIL=<your email> ./miaou/lib/ dev
  • then, FINALLY

  • miaou

Nested container test drive

  • CONTAINER=nested
  • lxc-miaou-create $CONTAINER -o sameuser,nesting
  • lxc sameuser $CONTAINER
    • /opt/miaou/lib/ dev

Hardening server

  • /opt/miaou/lib/

Development mode

  • requirement Codium IDE

  • sudo apt install y shellcheck shfmt